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CBD For Better Sleep- One Man’s Journey BY DONALD SINCLAIR

I am now in my 50’s and as we age- sleep becomes more elusive.

My wife and I are very busy people and sometimes we go to bed thinking about problems or issues or tomorrow’s to-do list. This can be really annoying when thoughts rush in and prevent me from relaxing and falling asleep. When I feel like this and need to rest properly, I reach for CBD. The brand that I really trust and like is Integrity Hempceuticals 2,400mg Sleep oil drop Tinctures. This product is great value for money and has a hefty dose of CBD so a ¾ of a dropper works well for me at 200lbs body weight. You use the dropper to place the vanilla flavored oil under the tongue. Once you have it in the mouth, hold it there and swill the product around your cheeks and tongue for 30 seconds. If you swallow the oil immediately you won’t get the full benefit as some of the beneficial compounds will get apparently lost in the digestive system and destroyed by the acid of your stomach. By swirling the product around like a mouthwash, the CBD and melatonin in this product is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This will give a more complete dose and a faster acting effect.

I am usually still swirling and chewing as my head hits the pillow and I will make a final swallow and focus on going to sleep. If you have dosed correctly, there should be a relaxing and calming effect after a minute or two. On some occasions I will feel noticeably calmer and relaxed and have the sensation of a heavy black curtain coming down around me- this is the CBD doing it’s magic and calming my nerves and quieting my thoughts. Often, I will go into a very deep sleep and then stay asleep all night. I also notice that I toss and turn in bed much less and always wake up feeling well rested and refreshed for the day ahead. I have tried many sleep products in the past including Ambien and pure melatonin and prefer CBD because I don’t have any side effects like drowsiness the next day.

This is my experience of using CBD for sleep. I have recommended it to others and while everyone’s tolerance and dosing varies, most people I know love taking CBD at bedtime for a better night’s sleep.

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