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CBD oil and our immune system 🧬🧫

We are constantly exposed to bacteria, viruses, infectious diseases and allergens.

We are constantly exposed to bacteria, viruses, infectious diseases and allergens.

When these are housed in our body, a fight begins between our immune system and these bacteria or viruses.

Currently the entire planet is dealing with a pandemic caused by the virus covid 19 or Sars 2.


Doctors from worldwide are constantly working on developing a vaccine, but at this time the most important thing is prevention, it is known that the covid-19 virus, aggressively weakens the immune system in this way many people who suffer from some other chronic or autoimmune disease, they has at higher risk of dying.

How can CBD Oil help us to strengthen our immune system, keep us healthy and reduce the risk level of acquiring the covid 19 virus or others?

Studies indicate that CBD Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help the immune system to lower the levels of inflammation.

CBD Oil has shown positive effects in cases where the immune system becomes weak or overactive.

Immune system

An overactive immune system overreacts when there are allergens in the body. Such is the case with multiple sclerosis where the immune system damages the central nervous system due to hyperactivity.

Research reveals that CBD Oil is effective in reducing pain and improving mobility, as it acts to maintain balance and homeostasis between the functions of a healthy immune system.

CBD oil helps to improve the response capacity, function, balance of the immune and the endocannabinoid system of the body.

With a strong and alkaline immune system, Covid19 and any other condition has no chance of survival.

🔸References taken from internet.

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